Ahhhhhhhh!!!!! Words cannot express the amount of awesomeness that this is!! I love the cover oh so much, and every page to follow.

PirateIvey Taijeron

“This is AWESOME. I read it this morning. Superbly done. Superb.It is obvious the passion that has been layed forth onto this endeavor. Congratulations again on a stellar job. Looking forward to the next issue. What a wonderful read with my morning jo. Much better than the dribble on the tv.”

Pat Carpenter


Dungeon Dan BlackHart

Fantastic job! Hard work and time invested really appreciated!

Kruel Kathy BlackHart

Very impressive! I will be in touch about advertising in it. What is your deadline for each month?

Morgana Starr

“This came out really well, Kraven and Byrda. Excellent job. ”

Rachel Martin

Wow! So proud of you!! What a fantastic, giant, chock-full-o-information issue. You bet I am gonna submit in future issues!! Great job to everyone involved!

Dawn 'Sharka Blue' Boone

“What a great addition to our community. ..so proud to see it premiere”

Kevin Briscoe

This is…. so very, very good! I had pretty high expectations and you went beyond them in many ways. This is going to be a real success going forward. I am truly impressed my friends, and of course very happy to be a part of it. Well done, well done.

Joe Casella

I shed a tear or two after the launch. I’m proud to be a part of this and honored that you guys gave me this opportunity.
I’m celebrating and having a drink in honor of this, and you.

Calypso The Sea Witch

Tis a pleasure, no an honor, NAY a privilege to be a part of the Pirate Nation voyage. Thanks mates!
Spike Pierce

“So refreshing to see such great information in a single place.”

Robb Zerr

Wow, it’s huge. Great job! Congrats on getting that baby out the door…

Shawn Kendall

I am looking forward to reading the entirety of the magazine and finding out about others who sail these seas…and I might not otherwise have opportunity to meet.
Again, my humble thanks to you all.
S. Raphael-Vinci (aka The Artful Dodger)

S. Raphael Vinci

Haven’t read every page, but I did spend quite a bit of time reading. Love it! Great Job!! Great Photos!!!

Ruth Cameron

“Very nice”

Ann Poche

Congrats on the issue good people.. here’s waiting for issue two.. love the cover pic

Dominique Blackheart